War Of The Real is the zany animated world in which the curious concepts of an anonymous artist's alter-ego take shape.


Born the only child of a travelling Musician and a self-professed Witch, the author & Illustrator has walked the walk of authentic creativity since before he could stand. With the bulk of his mid 20’s being spent cocooned in a converted ambulance, criss-crossing his home country of Australia with few to converse with but himself, War of The Real came to exist as an outlet for the oddities that couldn’t find a place elsewhere. 
A vacation for the imagination.


The original manifestation of a character like those who appear in,

The Less Said On Ducks, The Better– the debut short story for children written by War of the Real in 2019 – appeared in a Cooktown (Far North QLD) public restroom.

This happy coincidence was due to a convenient discovery of a permanent marker laying discarded on the bathroom floor, a fleeting inspiration and an unoccupied moment in an otherwise occupied cubicle. From that point on wherever the road led War Of The Real is always armed with his trusty Sharpie and can be sought by following the trail of bug-eyed oddities, smiling down from where they’ve been scrawled.  

The Less Said On Ducks, The Better is the tale of the critters who reside behind the locked gates of a Botanical Gardens at night and is the first formal offering from

War Of The Real. It has sold out of its original run of self-published mock-ups and is due for professional republication in 2019 via iPOZ publishing.


The mission of the project is to continue to deliver whackyness to the world remembering never to take anything to seriously, to question everything in reality and have fun while we’re doing it.



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